THE BIBLE SOCIETY OF INDIA serves all Indian Churches and Christians in translating, publishing the Bible in their own languages and distributing it among their constituencies aiming at the transformation of the WORLD through the WORD. The Bible Society of India makes available God's Word In a language people can read( an Understand) at a price they can afford, In a format, they can access so that people will
Own it
Value it
Study it
Live by it

The Bible Society of India is the largest and one of the oldest of the 149 National Bible Societies in the fellowship of the United Bible Societies.


Malayalam, the language of Kerala state, spoken on the South west coast of India from Kasaragod in the north to Parassala in the south; from the Western Ghates in the East and to the Arabian sea in the West. The language is the four main branches of the Dravidian family with its own character and its own literature.(The present Kerala state was formed in 1956 combining the erstwhile princely states of Travancore, Cochin and the British province of Malabar)
Kerala is home to the ancient Church that traces its roots to the Apostle Thomas who is believed to have preached the gospel of Jesus Christ in the Malabar Coast (Malankara) in the first century AD.


Scripture Engagement Programs
  Bible Quiz , Memory verses & interactive programs: We conduct Bible quiz competitions and memorizing of Psalms 119.  Many
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Awareness programs
Branches giving leadership to make awareness against the social evils like drugs, alcohol, smoking and suicide.  They arrange Rallies, public
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Outreach programs
It’s our vision to reach the unreached through the word of God.  We help the Branches and Churches which engage
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What a joy it is to serve the Lord!
What a joy it is to serve the Lord! We join with Rev. Mathew Skariah, Secretary, Kerala Auxiliary as he
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“BSI is my life”
“The Auxiliary accorded a grand farewell to Mr. P.O. Kurian (Asst. Manager, Accounts) on his retirement from a distinguished service
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The Bible Society of India, Kerala Auxiliary has 141 vibrant branches spread throughout Kerala. These Branches are serving as the
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The Bible Society of India, Kerala Auxiliary invites to all for this Event


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Through the wide network of the branches and the churches the Auxiliary endeavors to make Scripture available through out the length and the breadth of the state. Scriptures are also distributed through mission organisations in their areas. Last year God has helped us to distribute 33,56,723 copies of Scriptures including 1,14,176 copies of Bibles in Kerala. Many people have been touched and transformed by the Living Word of God.


The ministry of the Bible Society is supported financially by the generous contribution made by individual believers and churches.


The career of the Mr. P.O. Kurian in BSI ministry started from the Allahabad Auxiliary of the Bible Society of India 41 years ago.
In 1983 he was transferred to BSI Kerala Auxiliary as Accountant of the Auxiliary.
God has given him the privilege to work under seven General Secretaries from Rev. Dr. A.E. Imbanathan to Rev. Dr. M. Mani Chacko and seven Auxiliary Secretaries Rev. Victor Mangalwadi in Allahabad Auxiliary to Rev. Mathew Skariah in Kerala Auxiliary. He was so fully involved in all the areas of the work of the Auxiliary office. He also maintained a personal relationship with the office bearers of each of the 141 branches and encouraged them in their work.


We are working hard to promote Bible reading among Kerala People. Every year we organize Bible Sunday, Interactive Bible Quiz and Bible Exhibition, a week-long event for reading the Word all over Kerala. To help youngsters to make their first steps in Bible understanding we are translating it to modern language in the form of audio.
You can participate in Malayalam Bible Projects by
1. Donation
2. Contribution
3. Distribution
Translation Skills:
Please contact us at if you would like us to work with us as a translator.

In the beginning was the Word; And the Word was with God. The Word was God. John 1: 1 John 1:1
That the LORD spake unto Moses, Moses spake unto Moses by the tent of his visitation in the wilderness of Sinai. 2 He said, "Take an Israelite population of you and Aaron in the genealogy, and give the names of men of twenty years old or older for military service. Read Genesis 1: 1-3
Genesis 1:1-3


The Bible Society of India

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